by FEM

"You could say that I'm very stubborn and driven. When I do something, I invest in all my energy, because I want it to be perfect. I used to trained ballet and oriental dances, later I started with Zumba, which I eventually taught. I had 80 people in the course up to twice a day, and if you want these people to follow you have to give 150%, not just 100. That was when I was transitioning from high school to college. I decided to study law even though my parents, both lawyers, didn't approve of this. I only wanted to study somewhere where there was no math. Halfway trough I realized that law is definitely not for me. It's so demanding and it takes you whole and I had a lot of other obligations during that time so it was quite chaotic. In my early twenties, I was facing burnout. Problems with polycystic ovaries, thyroid and weight began, not to mention problems with acne, which I did not have before. I knew something was going on with me, but I didn't know what. Visits to the doctor only yielded more and more pills that I did not want to take, so I turned to the alternative. I found face yoga, which both I and my mom started doing. I began to feel a change in my well-being, and my mother began to see changes in her face, especially in tone and consequently on the skin. The connection between the muscles and glands on the face and the overall health seemed perfectly logical. And the more I noticed that it was helping me, the more I wanted to share it with others. I started getting licenses in Slovenia, went to study in America and finally to Italy where I studied Chinese medicine and face diagnostics. It has been 6 years since I first stepped into independent teaching of face yoga. This is my whole world now, my current mission that I want to present to the wider world. So a good year and a half ago, I started an online face yoga course. Since then my life has completely changed. It's so fascinating to be able to sit at home and help people thousands of miles away. On top of everything, people even send me thank you messages saying how face yoga has helped them. This is truly the biggest gift for me!

In the era of Botox and Fillers, I want to present people with an alternative - a different perspective on beauty. I always wanted to be natural myself. I'd never go for quick cosmetic fixes. I inherited this mindset from my mom. She always kept an eye on what we eat and how we live. She was generally interested in alternative forms of life. I'm grateful that she presented this to me as I cannot imagine a different life. Quick fixes and diets are not the answer. Healthy eating and putting yourself first brings the desired results. You have to change your lifestyle, your mindset. Which can be both easy and difficult at the same time. I look at it holistically. Cosmetics are great and definitely help, but we need to start with what we put into our body and how we treat it. Firstly food, then exercise and lastly the things we apply externally. In the morning, I always take the time to start the day with warm water and lemon, in which I put what my body needs most at that moment. I usually take MSM, hydro collagen, organic silica, magnesium, omega 3 and probiotics. I take them, of course, when needed, and watch where I buy them. I eat lots of vegetables and fruits, I avoid dairy, gluten, and sugar, but I'm not terribly strict about that. I listen to my body and follow what it tells me.

Facial yoga ensures that the skin is full and firm, which results in the glow. Over the years, the muscles contract, the skin becomes looser, we lose bone mass, and yoga helps us stop these processes. But just like with exercise, how we do it is important. I would like to point out that not all youtube tutorials are ok and can lead to the opposite results. Find a certified instructor that works for you and go through the course. This is the most effective and safe way to do it.

My morning ritual begins with meditation and face yoga while drinking coffee or matcha. This to me is really the best start of the day. I never start my skincare routine without face yoga. That's when the products really absorb. I apply hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary and Skinfinity Cream which also contains hyaluronic acid. I make sure to always moisturize and for that reason, I like Caudalie Grape Water, which I can apply during the day. I also started using The Ordinary retinoid, but in small amounts only as a preventative. Recently, I've been sweeping away all my existing makeup and replacing it with natural makeup. I'm particularly pleased with the 100% Pure mascara from Orca. I apply as many as three coats as I love huge lashes. For the previous five years, I had the cult Better Than Sex. Natural cosmetics are honestly not really the same as synthetic ones, but I take that into account. I also like 100% Pure lipsticks, which really moisturize my lips, and their colors come from berries, not bugs. Their reservatrol primer and caffeine eye cream are also cool. I want my skin to appear fresh and radiant. The glowier the better. So you can imagine that I can't wait for summer to come so I can wear almost anything on my skin. I use a lot of homemade cosmetics since we have a lab in the house. This is what my mom does and she only uses her own creams. We also make our own vitamin C serum, which I usually apply to my face in the evening when I use gua-sha.

In terms of hair and body care products, I am more simple. For example, I don't even use hair balm, just Radiko shampoo and Ouai Wave spray. I don't even comb my hair. I make a castor and coconut mask once in a while, in which I put some honey and an egg. I leave it on my hair for two hours and rinse. I also apply castor oil to my eyebrows and eyelashes as it is supposed to stimulate growth. I use homemade butter for my body and when I want a little extra bling, the Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body highlighter.

I like to relax in a bath with Epsom salts that are full of magnesium. They help the body cleanse toxins and release the muscle. Besides, this is the time when I usually pick up a good book. I read a lot. Two of my favorite books at the moment are "Reality Transurfing" by Vadim Zealand and "You Are the Placebo" by Joe Dispenza. When I go to the sauna I also do dry brushing of my body, which is great for lymph, which I have a slight problem with. For the same reason, I also go for LPG. Of course, I take care of my face with face yoga. What can I say, I'm really excited and stand behind what I do because it brings me joy and is also my way of relaxing. "

- Karin Velikonja for Fem