by FEM

"I have been involved in acting for 15 years. I did not study at AGRFT, but at an acting school in Paris. My mother and sister, due to the nature of my mother's job, moved frequently and traveled extensively. We lived in Lisbon, Strasbourg... But I fell in love with Paris on a trip, at the age of fourteen. It was love at first sight and I knew then that I would like to live there for a while. I was head over heels in love with this city. I was fortunate enough that I was accepted to that acting school and moved to Paris with my best friend at the time. Those were my most beautiful and wildest years. I lived in Paris for almost 8 years, but I'd go to Slovenia for vacation. Returning home never really intrigued me until I fell in love. A classic story, of course. And every time I came back to Slovenia, I often told myself that it's not so bad and that maybe I could live and find some work here. If someone had told me 15 years ago that I needed to go back to Slovenia, I would rather die than return. If I'm being a bit dramatic. At one point I then returned, but still left all my furniture and a bank account open in Paris for another year. Just in case. But I can say that I was never sorry. Something in me has changed. Maybe just growing up and noticing things I had never noticed before. When you travel around, you just see how beautiful this country is. In many respects, we can be happy. On my return, I was lucky to get a job very quickly, even though no one knew me. The theater is my first love. It’s a living thing and every show is a little different. There is always a different audience, you always feel a little different and as a result, acting is different too. It's such special magic. Acting in front of the camera has its charm, of course, but it's very different from the one in the theater. With small face movements and minimal expressiveness, you can really show the camera and viewer a lot.

In terms of theater and television aesthetics, I can say that they have the opposite effect on my personal life. There is so much exaggeration in terms of dressing, and above all makeup, that I prefer being minimal when I'm at home. It seems to me that we are living in an age that is overwhelming on all sides. I never liked excessive makeup. In terms of aesthetics, I am closest to French, with their philosophy, perception of life, culture, food, décor, and dressing. France has definitely shaped me the most in that sense. However, I indeed gravitated towards this already. I always felt like it was mine, part of me. However, I can hardly say what it would be like to move to France later as an adult and already developed person.

I developed a sense of aesthetics and interest in this world as a child. My mom cultivated it. She likes nice and quality things. For example, I remember very early on that I differentiated between different textile materials and knew exactly what silk was, what was wool and what cashmere was. I was crazy about going to my mom's closet. She often asked me if I liked what she was wearing when she was going out. I also remember that the special things in my closet were either hand-sewn from an old aunt or came from England. I still know how I felt when I wore my special red shoes.

I've had salon treatment about five times in my life. I don't go for manicures or pedicures. I prefer to do this myself, as I really enjoy doing my nails. Also, one of the reasons why I don't go is that I get tired of the nail color after about three days and quickly remove it. I can't stand the chipped nail polish. As soon as I notice that the situation is getting worse, I remove it. However, I do get pre-summer pedicures, which I then maintain at home. The skin from the feet must be removed and this requires professional salon machines. This whole hard feet skin only gets worse as you get older. Sometimes my feet looked nice on their own, but now I rub them every week. Ugh, aging. When I was younger, my mother kept telling me not to frown and even fix my frowning forehead with her hand. I understand it now. Nowadays we have botox and fillers for these problems, for which I am completely open. Never say never, but certainly not before age forty. I would never try butt implants or artificial boobs though. Operations scare me. However, I fully understand how surgery can change a person's life and I am absolutely in favor of it if it is designed to significantly increase one's self-esteem. However, within normal limits.

I like to apply makeup with my fingers. I'm very tactile. It's more organic to me. I can't do anything with brushes. I consider the people who use them to be kind of artists. The thing I learned from makeup artists, for example, is the importance of skin preparation before applying makeup. This helps with blood circulation, puffiness, the skin is simply more supple. Now I judge makeup artists by whether or not they prep my skin before makeup.

My skincare routine goes something like this. In the morning I spray my face with Avene thermal water or Caudalie Grape Water. I never wash it with water or cleanser, only refresh it with one of those mists. I keep coming back to them, they are a constant in my cabinet. The cream comes after the mist. I change these often and currently have the Nuxe Crème Fraîche de Beauté and Mixa CC in rotation. I have known Nuxe and have been using it for 15 years. I have my own set of products that I keep coming back to and this cream is one of them. I could use French pharmaceutical skincare and nothing else till I die. When my partner goes to Paris, I send him to the pharmacy with a list of what he has to bring back. Also, Embryolisse cream is one of my favorite products. Resolves any dry and dehydrated skin. In the winter, I apply it in a thick layer and leave it on my face overnight as a mask. I love it! I always have it in stock. Of course, I also try some other products, but I almost always come back. I don't use foundation, just concealer or tinted cream. In the winter, I layer it throughout the day, because I need extra moisture and protection from the cold. In summer I only apply concealer. My favorite BB cream is my Erborian. I once brought it to my sister and from then on she is totally obsessed. I like the shade, the texture, it is just the right coverage, absorb nicely, in short great. I also like Glossier Tint. I don't have a favorite mascara or liner, I always experiment. During the day, I like brown eyeliner shades as I do not want my makeup to be too obvious. In the evening I gravitate towards black liner and red lipstick. I'm very good at cat eye, I've been practicing it for a very long time. The trick is that cat eye is much easier to draw with a pen than with a brush. As I said, I'm not good with them. The brush always gets out of the way somehow. The other piece of advice is that you don't try to make them even. They will never be the same and you have to deal with that. But I agree that it is a special pleasure when you manage to make a perfectly symmetrical cat-eye. I remove makeup in the evening with Bioderma Sensibio and clean with Nectar Blanc from Melvita. The great thing about it is that it comes out of the tube in the form of a gel, and in contact with water it turns into an oil emulsion. And it smells great. I don't like cleansers that leave your skin squeaky clean. I can't stand having that tight feeling. This does not happen with this cleanser. It leaves peasant film and a feeling of nourished skin. I have also had Cetaphil for years and years, and it is one of my favs. I finish one bottle, then test something else in between, but with time I always go back. I get tired of things very quickly, which is also the reason for testing new products. I'm crazy about this DHC Face Wash Powder, which works like a very nice scrub. I do not tolerate coarse scrubs, I do not tolerate granules, anything that rubs the skin. This product is, however, very, very gentle. It's really great. I still like to have something that gives a gentle exfoliation. So DHC or facial cleansing brush once a week. After cleansing, I go for the eye cream - one of my favorites is the Hydra Patch from Afrodita. Then it's time for face cream. I've been using Embryolisse and Medex Apilana all winter, which I can't get over. A bit oily, almost completely natural, really great. In the evening, I always apply heavier creams to really nourish my skin. I also love oils very much. But only every so often, not every day. The Ordinary Rosehip is my love. I apply it directly to the skin, without cream and to massage it. I really enjoy it. I also used P50, but I can say that I do not understand all this hype. I used the whole thing but I wasn't convinced. Despite diluting it with water, I had a big reaction. I was always red and with irritated skin so I couldn't get used to it.

I do not complicate hair care and I like to experiment. I like to change shampoos, but I would like to point out John Frieda Go Blonder, which gradually lightens my hair. I dry my hair naturally without a hairdryer. I don’t put any products on them except Elnett from L’Oreal if I really need something to fix my hairstyle. It is one of the few hairsprays whose scent does not bother me. I shower with Mixa Baby Gel, which contains almond oil and is great for sensitive skin. I choose body lotions based on scent, preferring non-perfumed or those with really little smell. My favorite is Kiehl's Creme De Corps.

I am more picky about perfumes and very rarely find any I like. I've been using Le Labo Santal 33 and Frederic Malle Carnal FLower in the winter, and the newly discovered Tom Ford Sole Di Positano in the summer. My favorite scent is still the smell of skin in the sun and the smell of figs, pines in the summer.

For relaxation, I do nothing but lie in a dark room. There's nothing more relaxing than sleep. Well, I also love to bathe, but especially in winter. In spring and summer not so much. I usually pour salt from Slovenian saltworks, the one with rosemary. Sometimes I also add a couple of drops of oil. For baths, I tend to prefer natural variants. I don't like sparkling rainbows or bubbles. I just lie in the bath and let my mind rest. No book, no phone, no nothing. Maybe just a glass of wine or champagne. "


   - Gorka Berden for Fem