Boyfriend Tests Luxury Skincare



The following story might seem very familiar. It takes place in your favorite room in the house- the bathroom! How do I know that this is your favorite room? Well, you're reading this feature on a website dedicated to things found in such places, so it's kinda self-explanatory. I'm no psychic if that's what you think. Now that we've cleared up that mystery let's continue with this thrilling tale. One day, I don't remember exactly if it was morning or night, I came into my bathroom to do my usual skincare routine. All was going well until the moment when I opened the jar of my super luxe Biologique Recherche Vip O2 face cream and saw that someone was messing with it. The horror! I know you know what I'm talking about. Women have an eye for detail, we notice these things. Me especially because I don't use my nasty fingers to get the cream out of the jar but a clean, bacteria-free spatula, that actually looks more like a tiny spoon come to think about it. So I know exactly how a finger stroke vs a spatula stoke looks like. I also knew that the culprit behind this wrongdoing was my boyfriend. Well, it was either him of my cat, who is btw obsessed with the weird smells of Biologique Recherche. She literally sits on top of the toilet while I do my routine and begs me to let her smell the goods. To be honest, some of BR's products do smell funky or better yet fishy (I'm looking at you Collagene Marin sérum). But if I return to my skincare stealing boyfriend, he doesn't really mind the unusual smell. He actually prefers it, says that it feels a bit medical, professional in a way that it's really doing something good for his skin.

So after the initial shock has passed I asked him if he'd like to try the whole Biologique Recherche routine with masks, serums, and everything. For my personal entertainment if not for anything else. I love slathering him with skincare because his usual routine consists of a single face cream so it's very easy to get almost instant results by using active ingredients on his virgin skin. It's really amazing, "tabula rasa" in the flesh. No pun intended. But he as a person isn't as nearly as cooperative as his skin is. His mentality is that there are bigger things in life than having beautiful skin. The man clearly knows nothing. And at the same time, he'd pay good money for an eye cream that would help erase his (genetically predisposed) dark circles. I know that deep down inside he's into the french beauty mentality- looking effortless even though you just spent an hour in the bathroom. Very, very deep down that is. So, once I got him on board for the BR skin treatment I quickly raised my anchor and departed this ship from the docks. Unfortunately for him, there was no turning back.

We started with a gentle Lait U cleanser, followed by the P50 W for sensitive skin. Since his skin isn't used to active ingredients like acids, his face naturally turned red. "This better disappear till tomorrow morning when I go to work!" said my poor test subject. If I'd been wiser I'd have hidden all mirrors before we began the treatment but clearly, I am not. Next up was Masque Vivant. A really weird smelling rebalancing face mask that deals with impurities and is the holy grail of, well, every influencer, beauty expert or esthetician you follow on social media. We decided to go with that one because he always complains about his spots which are in my opinion barely noticeable. While waiting for the mask to sink in, I convinced him to take a photo which you can see above. He looks thrilled, doesn't he?! After twenty minutes of posing, he removed the chocolate looking (not smelling!) mask with lukewarm water and started applying serums. We did a mix of purifying and hydrating ones that I had on hand. His skin is quite similar to mine which made it easier to understand what his (skin) needs are. Especially since I know and have tested the products myself. By that time he already seemed tired so I sped up the whole process as much as I could. Vip O2 face cream and a few drops of Silk Plus moisturizing elixir were our two finishing products that sealed in all the goodness.

At that time it was still too soon to talk about results but you could already notice a significant change in the texture of his skin. It was smooth, tight and glowing. Even his micro spots have seemingly disappeared. The next morning he woke up with baby skin us women only dream about, I kid you not. I felt as victorious as I presume estheticians do after giving someone a really good facial. The man was glowing af and it was all because of me! Well, it was all because Biologique Recherche but let's not go into detail, I'm still riding that train of victory.